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NEW! FOR 2017

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With Foot Operated
Remote Control

Warm Water Washing Warm Air Drying Provides Complete Personal Cleanlines

Refreshing,Soothing Sitzbath Treatment Provides Effective Relief from Hemorrhoid and other Rectal-Vaginal Discomforts and Ailments
Warm Water Washing Back

Available With
Hand or Foot
Operated Remote Control

Warm Water Washing Front
Warm Air Drying

(Attaches To All Toilet Seats) Cleansing Sprayer
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From European & Hispanic Bathrooms...
       …Here is a Wonderful, New American Product!

Fastidious Americans!

Discover the wonderful new AMERICAN BIDET made to do everything a French-European and Hispanic BIDET does and much more…It is used by Men, Women and Children for Personal Hygiene, Therapeutic, Medical and Health Care Purposes!

Instant Bidet Is The Answer!

The AMERICAN BIDET easily attaches to your existing Toilets. It is a completely selfcontained unit and makes its own Warm Water and Warm Air*. No extra space is needed.

For The Healthy Clean Life

Here is a new dimension in complete personal cleanliness…ideal for the entire family. Just flip the finger tip control and you are instantly Washed Clean with Warm Water and Dried with Warm Air*. “Going Green” - The AMERICAN BIDET eliminates or reduces use of Toilet Paper - you’ll wonder how you ever lived without your AMERICAN BIDET!

Hemorrhoid Suffering - Goes Away!

Daily use of your AMERICAN BIDET provides positive relief for Anal-Rectal Ailments and related Discomforts such as Painful and/or Incomplete Bowel Elimination, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Irritations, Bleeding, Itching, Burning, Fistula, Fissure - Excluding Cancer. The refreshing flow of Warm Water provides effective - Healing “Sitzbath Therapy, This is the usual Treatment recommended by Doctors and used in Hospitals. The use of “Prepa ration H’ and other similar Nostrums, Ointments and Suppositories will no longer be necessary.

Feminine Hygiene.

Women - You will enjoy the convenience and comfort of being Washed Clean whenever using your Toilet. The AMERICAN BIDET Cleansing Sprayer and Douche Syringe Accessories provide the ultimate for your modern, Advanced Personal Care - especially during Menstruation Period, before and after Sex.


Simple and easy attachment to your existing Toilets. Ideal for Homes. Apartments, Offices, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Convalescent Institutions. Portable and detaches quickly if you move. 5-year product warranty. AMERICAN BIDET Is For Every Budget $75 & Up!

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