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From a recognized European Custom...
 ingenious New American Product!

Now, whenever you are away from Home - at a Hotel or Motel, Family's or Friend's home, enjoy the wonderful healthful benefits, comfort and convenience of the BIDET - SITZBATH.

The AMERICAN BIDET TRAVELLER includes a portable BIDET - SITZBATH Water Spout, simply attaches with suction cups to most any toilet seat and then is connected with tubing to the nearby sink faucet - with a removable aerator.

The refreshing and soothing jet stream of warm water can be used for cleansing, Feminine Hygiene and Medical - Therapeutic purposes. A syringe attachment for Douche, Enema, Colonic is also included.

Your AMERICAN BIDET TRAVELLER portable BIDET - SITZBATH is very healthful, convenient and easy to use. A compact and durable carrying case is also included.

If you enjoy using your BIDET at home…
You'll love the
...away from home!

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American bidet faucet system to convert porcelain commode through a hand held bidet toilet accessory. This intimate personal hygiene product is a great sitzbaths bathroom accessory idea. Sitz baths for hemorrhoids therapy or to fight vaginal yeast infection, assist in proctology and vagina care through douche alternatives. Health care using Kohler, Toto Zoe or aquagiene cleansing systems. american bidet faucet convert porcelain commode hand held bidet toilet intimate personal hygiene product sitzbaths bathroom accessory idea sitz baths hemorrhoids therapy vaginal yeast infection proctology vagina douche bidet douche hygiene sitzbaths online shopping sites health care kohler toto zoe aquagiene links

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